Multi-Maca (60 Capsules)


Benefits and benefits of “Multi-Maca”:-

A stronger and more solid erection occurs.
Dramatically improved capacity.
Increase length and volume naturally.
Delayed ejaculation for prolonged periods.
Helps treat erectile dysfunction problems.
enhance ability.
Increase the amount of fluid and improve its quality.
Improved movement and quality of animals.
The desire increases, which confuses the practice more frequently.
Helps reduce performance anxiety.
Improved prostate health.
Improved potential male energy.

Consists of:-

Maca Root, Bark, and Fruit – Maca promotes stamina, muscle strength, stress management, sexual function, and fertility in both men and women.
Tribulus Terrestris (fruit) – Used to increase sex drive (libido) by activating androgen receptors in the brain. This energy can be redirected to enhance athletic, intellectual and artistic activities.
Myra Puama (root) – Known to suppress appetite, block cholesterol absorption, and reduce inflammation. This herb has also been found in laboratory studies to prevent prostate cancer and skin cancer.
Catuaba (bark) – Known for its aphrodisiac properties and improving nervous system function.
Arginine – an amino acid that promotes stronger muscles and bones, reduces blood pressure, speeds recovery, and improves male sexual function.
Saw Palmetto (fruit) – Good for prostate and ovarian health, as well as preventing baldness in both men and women.
Pygeum africana (bark) – used as an alternative to treat an enlarged prostate.
Co-enzyme Q-10 – An important coenzyme and antioxidant used in energy production, CoQ10 is linked to a longer life, a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, migraine prevention, and cancer management.
Soy extract – contains phytoestrogens that balance the effect of male hormones. Soy relieves menopausal symptoms and promotes good skin.

How to use:-

Take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water. The package is enough for a month.
It does not matter if it is taken before food or after food because the product is a natural food supplement and has no harm.


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